Availability & Pricing of Pups

  • We have a number of both Heelers & Kelpies in our CYP breeding team.
  • Seasonal fluctuations may affect numbers & types of pups available during the year.
  • Availability may vary re matching your exact preferences : —especially re colour.

We will email you

  • Details of the Availability of CYP pups.
  • Details of Pricing of CYP Pups.
  • If relevant, Details of Freight Costs for CYP Pups. ( to your location )

Please study our emailed information, & discuss any of it by Email, by phone or both.
Your Email will be answered on the same day.
If Mobile Phone reception is of poor quality, or it drops out, please try again later.
Our Fixed Phone may be "manned" after 7:15 PM, every day.

Alex Donald & James Donald

0429 188 783 a/h 08 85 325 100