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Home Page - About Us

We are specialist breeders of purebred Kelpies and purebred Heelers.
We arrange delivery Australia-wide and Internationally.
Our motto is : "Bred for brains and type ; send anywhere"
This motto began in 1941.

We breed our heelers & our kelpies to be intelligent & healthy

  • typical of each breed : in performance & appearance
  • typical re temperament, instincts & character
  • typical re size, shape / build, & colouring.

Our kelpies and our heelers are suitable for multiple uses

  • as companions,
  • for security
  • as all-round workers with all livestock.

We are independent breeders of both kelpies & heelers.

  • the pups we sell are pups we have bred.
  • we are not dealers.
  • we are not linked to any other kennel.

We are not members of any group, such as a dog club or registery or association or organization or franchise.

Your pup will come with :

  • an insurance cover
  • a care program booklet
  • an immunization certificate
  • a starter kit
  • a written performance guarantee
  • a help-line 24/7

Insurance : Health & General

All of CYPA's pups when sold, are covered by Petplan's Instant Insurance. Click on to see Petplan's website to see their cover. No charge to you for the 6 weeks instant version. This financial protection is supplied with every puppy we sell. Petplan Instant Insurance is provided from day one : for the next 6 weeks.

CYPA's Care Program Free Booklet :Personalized & Regularly Updated

This unique publication, 82 pages is packed with lots of up to date info. With guidance programs,
in c o l o u r , on how to look after your pup. Your pup's first C5 immunization certificate will be included in the booklet.

CYPA's Starter Kit : Free

Contains useful samples : supplied with every pup.

CYPA's Guarantee is on the performance of all CYPA pups

This Guarantee provides protection & help for each client. The guarantee is linked to each client's progress reports. With our Guarantee we offer to replace your pup if a serious performance problem arises, & if the problem is unable to be solved during the first six months. Samples of clients' reports may be emailed as references. These reports contain info on how our kelpies & heelers are fulfilling their potential in a variety of situations.

CYPA's Free Help-Line will be available 24/7

This will supply you with :

  • Answers
  • Advice
  • Ideas
  • Contacts.
  • By phone
  • By email.

Puppy Caring

To ensure that our puppies are healthy : We apply up-to-date health care programs, including vet check, C5 immunization & regular de-worming. All of our pups are in good health & condition. We handle our baby pups as much as we are able, to socialize them with people, animals, & environment. We do not routinely have our pups de-sexed, but we can have this done, if a client so wishes.

Puppy Matching & Choosing : Subject to availability

To help us to fully understand your needs & preferences & life-style please find & fill in your details in an on-line enquiry form. ( even if you may have done this over the phone already), Two on-line enquiry forms are in this web site. One enquiry form is for Kelpies, the other is for Heelers. You will be able to indicate and to choose the appearance that you may prefer :

  • Heeler or Kelpie.
  • male or female.
  • age range you prefer.
  • the colouring & markings.
  • the size, shape, build & structure.

You are encouraged to discuss, in detail, what you need & prefer:

  • the temperament & the character :
  • the performance & instinctive abilities.

Please tell us details :

  • about yourselves and your family.
  • about your location, terrain, livestock and climate.

We can send you reports from various clients Australia-wide, or Internationally, to whom we have previously matched pups which demonstrate how our pups are fulfilling their potential in a variety of situations. Then we will again discuss matching your needs & preferences.

Puppy Ordering : Based on what you want

We will closely study your on-line enquiry form. Then, we will email you :

  • with details and pictures of pups and dogs.
  • with price/cost and payment method

A wide range of puppies are usually available but if you are seeking an unusual type or colour it may take a little time to supply you with what you want. As a next step, it will then be necessary to talk on the phone. We always do our very best to match the right pup to each client's detailed needs & preferences. Your puppy may leave here from age 8 weeks. Most pups offered will be baby pups. Older pups are sometimes available.

Puppy Delivering : In due course ...

You are invited to arrange a visit to select your puppy. However, if you are not able to visit : If it helps, we can meet you in Adelaide or at another location. Or we will arrange to send your carefully selected pup to you to any agreed destination affordably, safely, comfortably quickly & covered under transit insurance. We will make all freight arrangements. This may be to anywhere in Australia or World-wide.

CYPA Communications Policy

Your phone calls and emails are greatly appreciated, and will be promptly and fully answered.
CYPA's Free Help-line is open 24/7 by phone or email.We serve our clients Australia-wide & Internationally.

Alex Donald

0429 188 783   Brief Calls + Text Messages